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C Wonder Stores Featuring Colored Fortune Cookies

We always enjoy seeing how larger companies have used our cookies for their marketing promotions.  Recently we were lucky enough to be contacted by some of the marketing staff from C Wonder.  For those that might not have heard of C Wonder, it’s a fashion retailer started by Christopher Burch, the founder of Tory Burch.  […]

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Random Fortune Cookie Message

Awhile back we created a very simple random fortune cookie message generator.  You had the choice of picking a humorous “bad” misfortune cookie message or a traditional “good” cookie message.  We never finished it, but were checking it out again today and it’s still really fun. Check out our random fortune cookie message generator here:

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Fortune Cookie Creations to donate half of order proceeds to Toys for Tots

With the holiday season upon us I’ve been busy with shopping and basically making sure my kids have as awesome of a Christmas as I can give them. I’ve also been thinking of all the children who are not so lucky, those that might not even have a Christmas tree, much less any presents underneath […]

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The Origin of the Fortune Cookie: An SF Bay Area Creation

Though there are many theories as to where fortune cookies were created, the majority of people have always believed them to have first appeared in China, which is incorrect, most likely due to it’s association with Chinese food.  The fortune cookie as we know it was actually created in San Francisco, California.  Makoto Hagiwara first […]

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Fortune cookies really can be lucky

We have had a repeat customer for several months now that has been buying fortune cookies to provide to customers at their convenience store.  The fortune cookies have the traditional random message, but they also have several sets of “lucky” random numbers on the back, detailing possible entries for the various lottery games. Apperently these […]

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Fortune Cookie Wedding Proposal

It’s become pretty common to see orders with proposals for a personalized message, though we never tire of seeing this and every one is unique.  Usually I would suggest our brightly colored fortune cookies, though in the case of the wedding proposal our traditional fortune cookies our great because the recipient is always surprised when […]

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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is upon us, falling on February 10th this year.  As is typically the case we have received a flood of fortune cookies in the weeks leading up to this special holiday.  Everything ranging from large orders for casinos offering prizes and specials promos for their guest to individuals hoping to entertain family […]

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$100 Giveaway of Custom Color Fortune Cookies!

Enter our giveaway hosted by Rafflecopter for a chance to win $100 worth of custom color fortune cookies! Enter before March 31st at midnight for a chance to win Colored Fortune Cookies! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Christmas is less than a month away and the the holiday season has no doubt picked up.  As usual we have seen an increase in our Christmas fortune cookies, a mix of green and red fortune cookies.  From department stores to customers using them at holiday parties, this holiday color combination is always a hit. […]

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Happy Halloween!  We are all in costume here and very much into the season.  Our Halloween themed fortune cookies are being enjoyed by many right now, in bright orange and our very popular chocolate flavor fortune cookies.  I remember growing up, what some houses would have as the treats and I can’t imagine how surprised […]

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