The guide to custom fortune cookies

Maybe you’ve just now discovered that you can have your own message in a fortune cookies or maybe you’ve seen it before and want it for your own event or marketing promotion.  Here’s all the details on custom fortune cookies and even some examples of how they’re been used.

First the basics

– We don’t limit your creativity.  There are other stores out there that say how many fortunes you can have or maybe even offer to work with you for a price, if you call and deal with a sales person.  All of our options are clearly displayed on the order page along with standard pricing.

– With that being said, here’s some of the specifics:
– Message characters: We suggest you limit each message to around 80 characters, though we can definitely work with much more.  Each message will be broken down over up to 3 lines.
– “Message Separation”:  Fortune cookies should be random, but just in case you need to know which message is in each cookie we allow that option during the order process.
– Broken cookies: It’s inevitable, a small amount of cookies will break during shipping.  Since we unfortunately aren’t able to hand-deliver every order, we include a good amount of additional cookies in each order to account for some breakage.  Find some broken cookies in your order?  Don’t worry, enjoy them, there’ll plenty more.

– We may not be the only ones out there, but we feel that we’re the best.  We’ve sampled cookies from all the other fortune cookie bakeries and can honestly say, albeit from a possibly biased perspective, that our cookies are the best.

-We are a bakery, not a customer service office.  We actually provide fortune cookies to some of the other websites out there.  Those sites may charge more due to the additional cost and also may actually have dedicated phone staff since really all they do is resell the cookies.  We are a bakery, this is all we do.

With that said, here’s the FAQ:

Q: How custom messages am I allowed to have in my fortune cookies?
A: we don’t really limit the number of messages you can enter.   On the product page there are several text boxes, you may enter one message for each box.  If you do need additional messages feel free to either add them in the notes section or email us after ordering and we’ll confirm receipt.

Q: Can I request additional messages?
A: Sure! As mentioned above, either add them in the notes section or email us after ordering and we’ll confirm receipt.

Q: Will I know which message is in each cookie?
A: Just like a regular fortune cookies, your messages will be evenly distributed over your order and mixed together. If you do require each group of messages to be separated out make sure to check the “separate messages” box when ordering, additional charges may apply.

Q: What about color printing on the message and logos?
A: We typically print all messages in plain black text. If you would like to add a color image or logo you may do so on the product page while ordering.  For additional options like color printing or color paper, contact us via email or phone. We have worked with many corporate clients that have had great results with these options!

Q: Can I request a different color fortune cookie than what I see here?
A: We can attempt to do slight variations on the colors offered on our site, and even for larger orders do special colors. Please keep in mind that this is a food product, and it is impossible to precisely match a color.

Q: Can I have something printed on the fortune cookie wrapper?
A: Our fortune cookies are wrapped in clear cellophane. For significantly larger orders we are capable of printing a logo or message directly on the wrapper, contact us for information on pricing and setup fees.

Q: I need my cookies by a certain date, is this possible?
A: Definitely! We always work with our customers on getting their order to them if needed by a certain date. Orders typically arrive in around 10-15 BUSINESS DAYS, however due to factors such as production load and carrier timing this is only an approximation.  If you do have time constraints contact us to make sure we can get everything to you in time.