About Custom Fortune Cookies

Our Story
We’ve all had those tasty little fortune cookies at the restaurant with the vague, generalized message inside. The idea behind custom fortune cookies is really about getting creative with what you can put on the paper inside that fortune cookie.

Many years ago we were already making thousands of fortune cookies for different restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area, but we’d also have random people showing up at our door to buy the leftover or broken cookies in smaller quantities just for the taste. Occasionally we started being asked if we could put different messages in the cookies rather than our standard mixed messages. At that point we realized there were many more applications for our cookies.

In the beginning we started to see many use fortune cookies with personalized messaging for things like birthdays, holiday parties, weddings, even graduations. Eventually we even saw businesses use them for special promotions and marketing. Over the years we’ve seen everything put on a fortune cookie message paper including logos, pictures of loved ones, coupons, winning numbers, lottery picks, passwords, WiFi logins…all printed sometime on a variety of colored papers in many different languages. We’ve lost track of how many wedding proposals we are directly responsible for (“Will you marry me” on the message)!

For personal use we tend to see Birthdays as the top order type, however we tend to get the greatest response from those who order our misfortune fortune cookies. The Misfortune Cookies are unique in that they are the exact opposite of what you’d expect from a fortune cookie. Rather than an uplifting, positive, or even philosophical message, they actually contain incredible funny, negative messaging that we’ve gathered from various sources.

For business we’ve actually acquired some really interesting repeat customers. The increase in Asian fusion restaurants has seen great demand for our colored and flavored fortune cookies, particularly our chocolate flavored fortune cookies. We see everything from local shops to large chains of banks hand out fortune cookies to customers thanking them for their business and occasionally offers special promos or coupons. Product launches ranging from video games to cosmetic lines are some of the most unique and always have some fun special requirements.

What we’ve learned over the years, and why we really love fortune cookies, is that our customers really embrace the creative aspect behind what they’re capable of. We feel this is one of the truly unique methods of delivering a message out there. Enjoy!