The Origin of the Fortune Cookie: An SF Bay Area Creation

Though there are many theories as to where fortune cookies were created, the majority of people have always believed them to have first appeared in China, which is incorrect, most likely due to it’s association with Chinese food.  The fortune cookie as we know it was actually created in San Francisco, California.  Makoto Hagiwara first served the cookies in the Japanese Tea Garden located in Golden Gate Park as early as the 1890’s.  Several others have stepped forward claiming responsibility for the creation, though only Hagiwara has been proven in a court of law.

Fortune cookies were hand made up until the early 20th century when Shuck Yee from Oakland invented the fortune cookie machine which allowed for mass production.


Keeping in line with that history the SF Bay Area still is one of the largest producers of fortune cookies with many bakeries located in San Francisco and Oakland.  Some simply cater to restaurants and sell in bulk, however some have taken it a step further and begun producing fortune cookies in a variety of flavors and colors making fortune cookies an eye-catching special event snack or an effective marketing tool.  Custom Fortune Cookies takes pride in being located in the “birthplace” of the fortune cookie and adding a creative twist to it as well as offering the traditional vanilla-flavored fortune cookies.  Check out our colored fortune cookies next time you want to “get your message across” with colored fortune cookies.
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